Aramark replaces Chartwells as food provider

Aramark replaces Chartwells as food provider
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By Lilian Asante
Courier Staff

Students at Centennial College say the new food options are a nice surprise, but the menu prices are still too high.

On June 23, Aramark replaced Chartwells as the college’s new food provider. Chartwells had worked with the college since 1993.

At Progress campus, new options include Pizza Pizza, Chicken Chicken and Sultan’s (Middle East cuisine). At Ashtonbee, students can now enjoy food from Pita Planet and Grill Works. Sushi lovers can rejoice at Morningside campus as Bento Sushi is now available.
As a result of the new food offerings, students also noticed some price adjustments to the menu.

Emery Jones, 19, is enrolled in the software engineering program at Progress campus.
He said that although he appreciates the new additions, he would have preferred lower prices.
“When I go to get a slice of pizza and I get a carton of milk it’s $6, which is way too expensive,” he said. “I don’t want to pay $6 for a slice of pizza and a carton of milk.”

Gloria Agyemang, 21, is enrolled in the Law Clerk program at Progress campus. She agrees with Jones and said although she enjoys the food, she thinks the prices should be changed.
“They are improving because now they have Subway, but the prices are still very high,” she said. “But I think the freshness of the food improved from last year.”

Although the prices have increased, at CCC students are still developing some new favourites.
Brie Cantonali is a second year student in the Film and Broadcasting program at CCC.
Cantonali said she enjoys new menu items such as the salad bar, chicken fingers and sweet potato fries.

“The chicken fingers are a good size and they are really yummy,” Cantonali said. “There is more selection, but there are still some things I miss from last year’s selection…I am hoping for chips.”

New Food Offerings at Centennial

Progress Campus

Main Cafe will be completely renovated to include: Subway, Pizza Pizza, Chicken Chicken, Bhoj (Indian cuisine), Miso (Asian cuisine), Sultan’s (Middle East cuisine), Bento Sushi and Grill Works.

Morningside Campus

New concepts include: Pizza Pizza, Chicken Chicken, Pan Geo’s (stir-frys & pastas), Sultan’s (Middle East cuisine), Bento Sushi and Grill Works.

Ashtonbee Campus

New concepts include: Pizza Pizza, Chicken Chicken, Pita Planet, Grill Works and more.

CCC Campus

New concepts include: Pan Geo’s (stir-frys & pastas), Bento Sushi, Hearty Soups and Express.

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