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Recipe- Spicy White Chicken Chili
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By Rebecca Steckham Arts & Lifestyle Editor

With fall around the corner it’s time to break out one of the more popular kitchen appliances of students the world over ; the crock pot.

Cooking with the crock pot, or slow-cooker, is a fun and affordable way for students to make meals. The biggest perk in using the crock pot is it alleviates the toughest part of cooking, mainly the actual “cooking” part.

Did you know that because of the low cooking temperature, it is almost impossible to burn food.

Because Croc pots are set-it-and-forget-it, you can eat good, healthy meals while leaving time for homework . On top of that, you can cook meals...

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The Style Commandments- How to Fix a Seam
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By Rebecca Steckham Arts & Lifestyle Editor

We’ve all had that moment; You bend over and hear a rriiiiipppp. Or even worse, you get your pants caught on something and hear a tear.

Your body freezes and you mind races.

The anxiety and embarrassment turns your cheeks a rosy read. A gentle breeze whips your bottom and you know your pants just received a redesign in the shape of a hole.

Seam tears affect guys and gals and can happen anytime So how can you fix it on the go?
Firstly, I encourage you to carry around a miniature...

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A Sudsy Return
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Alicia Tymoszewicz from the Niagara College Teaching Brewery serves up a sample of their First Draft Lager at CCC.

By Marcus Duncan Arts and Life Contributor
Photo by Dennis Gonzales

On Thursday September 13, students at the Centennial College Creative Communications Campus (CCC) had the opportunity to sit down for a cold one. For the first time in CCC history,...

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What’s in a Logo
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The Letters Patent signed by members of the College of Arms, including the King of Arms at the time Sir Anthony Wagner granting Centennial College the use of an official seal.

By Aldis Brennan Feature Editor

It took only about six months to decide on a design for the Centennial College coat of arms, but it was over seven years before it was finally approved. The problem was the Royal College of Arms.

This venerable institution was created in 1484 by Richard III, King of England and is responsible for the creation...

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Centennial Colts Trading Card- Riley Pattison
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Colts take down Fleming and Cambrian

Nick Prospero Courier Staff

The Centennial College Colts women’s soccer team put themselves back at .500 in a big way last week with wins over Fleming and Cambrian.

The Colts first beat Fleming 4-2 on Sept. 20 before running over Cambrian 6-2 on Sept. 23.

The wins were exactly what Centennial needed after beginning...

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Hockey makes its return to Centennial
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The NHL players may be locked out, but Centennial College students can return to the ice as hockey resurfaces after last year’s cancellation.

By Zenaira Ali
Courier Staff

Hockey makes its big return to Centennial College for the 2012-2013 season after being cancelled last year. The new coaching staff is already starting to make a ripple.

The new head...

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The Perfect Marriage of Two Worlds
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Artist Alexey Berezov stands beside his artwork that he created using computer software. Berezov has a showing at CCC’s art gallery.

By Nikki Pulsone
Arts & Lifestyle Editor

When a computer creates an image that then turns into a painting, it can only be considered pixel perfection.

Toronto artist and Centennial fine arts graduate, Alexey Berezov, has used his interest in computers to help hone his artistic style. Berezov was inspired to create a new approach to art from a classmate who made sculptures...

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Aramark replaces Chartwells as food provider
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By Lilian Asante
Courier Staff

Students at Centennial College say the new food options are a nice surprise, but the menu prices are still too high.

On June 23, Aramark replaced Chartwells as the college’s new food provider. Chartwells had worked with the college since 1993.

At Progress campus, new options include Pizza Pizza, Chicken Chicken and Sultan’s (Middle East cuisine). At Ashtonbee, students can now enjoy food from Pita Planet and Grill Works. Sushi lovers can rejoice at Morningside...

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Easy as pie
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Photos by Geoffrey Mosher

This year, Centennial College had it’s first ever pie eat contest. Contests were held at each campus and students were competing for a bus trip to Niagara. There were two rounds to the contest. Six students were narrowed down to three students. The event held at CCC was hardfought and resulted in a tie.

Left: Henry Stratigacos faces off against Melissa Green and Jelicia Saulter. Right: Green and Sauter showoff their prizes.

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Sports journalists come to Centennial to offer students helpful career tips
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By Mitchell Newton Courier Staff

On Sept. 18, Centennial College, the Canadian Association of Journalists, and The Sports Group held the Fast Break sports journalism panel to spread knowledge about the industry.

The panelists shared stories about how they started their careers and offered advice for newcomers.

The panelists in attendance were Tas Melas who is the co-founder and co-host of The Basketball Jones on The Score Television Network, Chris Jones the columnist for ESPN the Magazine, Julie Scott of the Canadian Press and Akil Augustine who is the host and producer for NBA TV Canada.

Augustine said it’s important...

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