Picking a green career after graduation

Picking a green career after graduation
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The green industry is booming and you can get in on the environmental action
By Selena Mann

College students often play the role of political activists. Promoting recycling on and off campus, fighting against rising tuition fees and hoping to help solve global issues are some of the ways students use their power as a group.

They are also often concerned with the environment and there are student groups on campus help to highlight that fact. One of them is the Environmental Student Society.

They are known for their campaigns around campus to promote a green lifestyle in student life.
They host their yearly clean-ups at the HP campus and in Morningside Park.
But students aren’t students forever. Eventually they have to graduate and move on into the world of work.

As they make this transition, some may want careers that are environmentally considerate.

If you haven’t considered a career in the green industry, take a second look.

The green industry is fast becoming one of the most important sectors of the economy, and arguably, one of the most innovative.

Some of these careers are listed below as described on fastcompany.com. Some of these career ideas are familiar, however, many you may not even have heard of before.

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