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Enthusiasm can’t lift sagging Colts
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By Helen Rakacky
From the opening toss it was a bitter battle for points between Sheridan and Centennial at their first meeting of the season Fri. Nov. 20.
Although the Colts lost the game 86-74, team captain Wilton Grant said that the team proved to themselves that they could win even without the presence of their leading scorer, Michael Brown. Brown has been sidelined for the rest of the semester due to failing grades.
At half-time, the Colts left the court with a slim lead over Sheridan. Veteran Richard...

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Low concert attendance puts SA under by $2,500
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By Andrew Grant
Centennial College’s student association was left holding the bag and about 400 tickets for the alcohol-free Pursuit of Happiness concert in the Progress cafeteria Nov. 20.
Between 40 and 50 people attended the event planned for 450, leaving the SA out of pocket to the tune of $2,500, according to Albert Cools, business manager for the association.
“This is a clear indication that dry pubs in a college are a no go,” Cools said during the concert.
SA president Margaret...

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Aspiring journalist willing to trade youthful appearance for respect
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Gary Coleman made millions with the look.

All I get is aggravation.

At 22,1 have the face of a 16 year old. And let me tell you as one who knows — people regard someone they believe to be a teenager with less respect than a legitimate member of the adult world.

Exactly what constitutes a youthful appearance I don’t know. But when your cheeks are your dominant feature, you know you’re in trouble. My cheeks have ruled my face since birth. And at 5’3″, my height offers no compensation.

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A look at the flip side of the coin could remedy a trip on the downers
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Several things in life bring me down. But fortunately for every down, there is an up.

Having to wear socks in winter really brings me down. I hate the feel of enclosed tootsies. And with the onslaught of winter, I am forced to wear suffocating warm socks. But on the up side, with these socks on, I can enjoy all the pleasures of winter including skating, curling, skiing, and, most importantly, appres ski.

Ugly, cold, grey rainy mornings are another downer. This also has a flip side. These dreary mornings usually turn into warm, sunny afternoons...

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Recruitment office’s transportation show vvvrooming success
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Organizers of Centennial’s first-ever transportation show were flying high after thousands of people attended the two-day Wheels and Wings exposition.

One hundred yellow school buses delivered senior high school students and their teachers to the college from 120 schools across Ontario, says recruitment office administrator Leanne Bentley.

She says “8,000 to 10,000 people” came for the exhibits, seminars, and demonstrations held at Ashtonbee...

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Volleyball Colts illustrate winning formula
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By Claudia Ganyu
The Centennial Colts women’s volleyball team, last year’s OCAA Champions, spiked, dove and chanted their way to a victory against the Durham Lady Lords Nov. 10.
The high spirited Colts, never at a loss for a cheer of self encouragement, came back from trailing the first game of the best of three match up and beat Durham 16-14.
In game two the Colts won 15-8 on consistent serving and effective spikes by Bonnie Wyatt.
Centennial lost the third game 15-9, but regained their...

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Semenko – Leafs’ hitman
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The Leafs’ newly acquired tough guy, Dave Semenko, is useless — sitting on the bench that is.
Semenko, also known as Sam, was hired as a hitman after trading defenceman Bill Root to Hartford. The idea behind the exchange was that Semenko would relieve Wendel Clark of his fighting responsibilities so he could concentrate on scoring and besides; the team could really use another enforcer to ensure smaller Leaf players are left alone. Semenko, in effect would be a sort of policeman, making sure justice is carried...

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Provincial grant that ended deficit ‘not for public knowledge’: Pres.
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By Christopher Douris
The college had “no knowledge” a one-time special grant (a major contributor to the $2.1-million surplus) from the government was coming, the Student Association was told last Wednesday at its semiannual meeting with the college Board of Governors.
College President Bev McCauley also told the association the college was “advised (the grant) was not for public knowledge at that time.”
McCauley and the Board members were responding to concerns raised by SA president Maragaret Moran regarding the surplus, the curriculum cuts of last semester and the information given out in the May information budget sessions.

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Final expansion plans for Progress Campus may be completed by Christmas
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By Andrew Grant
Final designs for the Progress campus expansion should be completed before Christmas, according to Student Life Director Chuck Gullickson.
At the Student Association’s Nov. 10 board meeting, Gullickson showed the SA a preliminary proposal for space allocation in the new addition.
Gullickson cautioned the S A that information he outlined was not final and should not be considered as “the way it’s going to be.”
“I’ve shared this information with you on the basis that it’s tentative,” he said.
Gullickson is a member of the user group for the expansion, formed to provide input in its...

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He studies, he cooks – he’s also blind
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By Maxine Share

For a man who lives in total darkness, Glenn duMoulin has tremendous vision.

Although he lost his sight just 14 months ago in an industrial accident, the former construction worker has returned to school in the first step toward becoming a counselor to the blind.

The arts and science freshman at warden Woods campus says returning to college is both physically and mentally demanding, but he is determined to complete the program.

“I have more at stake than most people,” he says matter-of-factly. “What...

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