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Drivers that ignore crosswalk put us in danger
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By Aileen Donnelly

In a fast paced world people forget that slowing down and paying attention to their surroundings could save a life.

In the GTA, 14 pedestrians died in the last month alone due to collisions involving cars, trucks, vans, buses and even a dump truck and streetcar.

At Centennial College’s Progress campus, two pedestrians were hit, though not seriously injured, by cars within a week. While the onus for the deaths in the GTA varies, at Progress, pedestrians had the right-of-way both times.

John LeFeure, a driving...

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Student Association plans for teacher strike
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Blue wristbands are being distributed to students at Centennial College in an effort to show their dissatisfaction with a strike.

By Lloyd Quansah Photo by Laura Grande
The CCSAI is preparing for a potential strike and have many things planned to help students cope with the potential work stoppage, according to President Vishal Member and Vice-President Carl Anthony John.

CCSAI representatives met on Feb. 3 at Progress for their monthly meeting. They discussed...

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March break could be lost if faculty votes for a strike
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Forget the vacation during reading week to that sunny beach you’ve been saving up for since 2008. If the teacher strike lasts anymore than a week, the five days off in March could be in jeopardy.

By Victoria Gray

Reading week could disappear this year while the college battles with the Ontario Public Service Employees Union.

Chris Ballard, 22, a sports journalism student at Centennial’s Centre for Creative Communications has plans to go to Fort Lauderdale, Fla. to visit his parents on the March break.


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From a York U strike survivor: They aren’t fun for students
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By Jaclyn Desforges

As a York University student, there wasn’t much else to do. Fifty thousand of us were left out in the cold when the union representing teaching assistants, contract faculty and graduate students went on strike.

Secretly, I had hoped for a strike. The prospect of having a couple of extra weeks to catch up on assignments was just too enticing, but I never imagined I’d be knitting my way through three months...

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Extramural hockey looking for help behind the bench
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Centennial Men’s Extramural Ice-Hockey team (left) played in an inter-college tournament at Seneca’s Newnham Campus on Jan. 22, 2010. They lost their first game 9-1, but came back and won their next 2 games 4-1 and 6-3.
By Aaron Lui, Photo by Paul Clarke, Athletics Dept.
The Centennial College extramural men’s ice hockey team may get a new addition to their club in the coming weeks.
The team is on the lookout for an assistant coach.
Head coach Robert McCulley has interviewed a few candidates, “but interest has...

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Back to basics: coach puts big hope in new players and the gym
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By Lloyd Quansah
The men’s extramural basketball team has been assembled after tryouts that took place Jan. 8 –9. Coach Ken Wade ran the practices to determine the new team.
With last year’s group moving on, he had to quickly add to the team.
He still has guard/forward Jerel Beals from last year’s team. He also mentions guard/forward Tommy Murphy as another key component for the team.
“They have a lot of skills in terms of they could take their man off the dribble, they’re very good shooters, they’re great one-on-one defenders, teams leaders. As a matter of fact, very great team leaders,” Wade said about both players. “And those...

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Inside Giant Slalom Skiing
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Story Image:

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Danton set to return to college
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By Jennifer Romano
School can be overwhelming. Keeping on top of deadlines, assignments and readings are stressful. At St. Mary’ University in Halifax, students have one more thing to worry about this semester; former NHL player and convicted felon, Mike Danton has decided to go back to school.
For Centennial College student Natasha Alli, sitting next to a man convicted of conspiracy to commit murder is an uncomfortable thought.
“I don’t like the idea,” Alli says. “It’s creepy to me.”
Former NHL player Mike Danton, 29, played...

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The Cost of Going to College
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So your annual cost for college comes up to $13,000.00. And how will you be paying for that?

So you are a grade 12 high school student planning to attend college in the fall and there’s just way too much to worry about. First you have to actually get in and once you’re in, you have tuition costs to pay, followed by transportation, books, food, and possibly residence costs to stress over. What about a laptop and your weekends?

It’s no surprise, school and everything related to it in terms of cost (i.e. tuition, books, residence,...

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Art & Design prof shows off his art at CCC
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By Natasha Alli

When it comes to travel photography, Gary Greenwood takes a different approach to capturing his images.

“Some people just go out with the idea that they’re going to do photography in a certain way. (But) I collect. I travel like a tourist. I walk around…and when something shows itself in front of me, I just take the picture.”

Greenwood is the head of the Art and Design Foundation Studies program at the Centre for Creative Communications.
His photography can currently be seen at the CCC’s Closet...

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