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History uncovered: Newspaper’s ‘tomb’ of treasures yields comical college memories
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By Chris Sjodin
Just inside the door of the Oracle office, there is a desk with about 300 pounds of ancient college newspapers sitting on top.
The editor keeps promising that she’s going to get rid of them “someday.” Well, “someday” has come and gone a dozen times and the papers are still there.
If they stay much longer they’ll fuse with the desk and then we’ll never get them off.
Within the bug, refuge lie old copies of the Oracle. Before the Oracle was called the Oracle, it was called the Asylum. And before that it was called the Arsenal.
Here are some interesting, and not-so-interesting,...

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Program to aid disabled
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By Steven Umezuki

For some people with physical disabilities formal education stops around Grade 10. Medical reasons or inadequate school facilities arc typical reasons.

However, Centennial’s East York campus is offering a new program to people with problems which hinder their mobility. It’s called Microcomputer Business Applications for the Mobility Disabled.

“Disabled people have been targeted as a group who need assistance with gaining employment,” says program coordinator Karen Adamson.

The federally funded program, which teaches business applications of microcomputers, is in its first 52-week session and will be able...

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Student beaten by skinheads is hospitalized with a broken jaw
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By Marcie Pekar

Ignoring people who bother you may be good advice, but it didn’t work for a Centennial College student whose jaw is wired together as a result of a beating.

Walter Rhodes, 22, a second-year electrical engineer student at Progress Campus, got off the bus at Kingston Road and Warden Avenue on March 12 to work his midnight shift at Edbar Security. Across the street, a man and two male skinheads called threats to him.

“I tried to ignore them by walking away,” Rhodes said in an interview.

But they caught up to him, and the man, whom Rhodes describes as having a big build and short brown curly hair began to pound his...

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Taking the time to enjoy the view
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Mark Toljagic won the Pirelli photo award for excellence in automotive journalism for this photo of the New River Gorge Bridge in Fayetteville, West Virginia.

By Jacqueline Delange

Centennial College’s Media Relations Officer, won the Pirelli Photograph Award for excellence in automotive journalism last week, he was reminded that success is a journey rather than a destination.

Toljagic’s photograph of the New River Gorge Bridge in West Virginia won at the Automobile Journalists Association of Canada’s...

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My week at home sick with swine flu
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A brush with the H1N1 virus forced Jaclyn Desforges, a first-year journalism student, to miss an entire week of school in October.

By Jaclyn Desforges

I probably should have thought about swine flu before deciding to throw that party
On a Saturday night, 25 people crammed themselves (and their germs) into my tiny apartment for a night of merriment. By Monday afternoon, I felt a cold coming on, so I left class early. That night, I was sick as a dog.

This was no head cold. Within a four-hour period,...

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Women’s basketball team suffers tough loss at home
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Sarah Gebrenegus pressures the ball-handler as she advances up-court. The women’s team is currently 1-1 in their first season in 18 years.
By Stephanie Leung
Centennial College’s first women’s basketball team in 18 years lost 59-34 in their second game of the season against Loyalist College on Oct. 21.
The Colts scored first in the game but Loyalist got off to a good start scoring eight more baskets in the first five minutes.
Kisha Roberts and Shiva Witter both played a solid game for the Colts....

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Canada’s national sport
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Story Image:

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Colts unveil a revamped logo for the 2009/2010 season
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College hopes new logo will help increase
campus awareness of athletics programs

By Stacey Kwan
The visual history of Centennial College was forever changed on October 22nd when manage of athletics, Steve McLaughlin, got the go ahead to unveil the new Colts logo.
The flashy new logo is the first nibble of the already heavy investment the college has committed to the athletics program with the building of the Athletics...

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A Day in the Life of a Green Student
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The Courier went around Centennial’s HP campus to find some environmentally-friendly students from the Environmental Student Society.

Anthony Upper, Heather Wilkinson, are Terry Leung some members of the E.S.S. and Martin Leung is the club’s president.

These students described how one would live to be an environmentally-aware and environmentally-active student on campus and at home.

An environmentally-friendly student wakes up in the morning and opens their curtains instead of turning on their lights.

They proceed to the...

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Teen Wolf Too a dog, really Teen Wolf Again
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By Stuart Green

The following is an excerpt from the conversation which probably took place shortly before filming on Teen Wolf Too began.

The conversation is between the film’s producer, Kent Bateman, and the star, his son Jason.

Teen Wolf Too is now playing at Famous Players cinemas.

K.B.: Son, I’ve got a great idea for a movie I want you to star in.

J.B.: Yah Dad, what is it?

K.B.: It’s a sequel to Michael...

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