Mascot’s victory shows spirit, SA

Mascot’s victory shows spirit, SA
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By Karen Sampson
CC the Colt’s sweeping mascot victory at Lulu’s college championship Nov. 25 signifies an upswing in college-wide school spirit, said SA president Joe Braini.
He and four other brave SA souls stood up for Centennial at the first annual College Mascot competition, snatching the title from Toronto’s former reigning champs, Sheridan College.
“I think it’s a good kick in the spirit,” Braini said, “it shows some prestige — Centennial is Number One, and that was a good feeling.”
Vice-president Carrie Soules, with Braini and reps Lorraine Martin, Lisa Antaya, and Chris Goodlet, braved a barrage of flying beer bottles, blinding lights, and sneers from Sheridan students to bring home the title for Centennial. The four and a half minute presentation that was cut to three and a half for reasons unknown. Centennial sent six busloads of rowdies to the ever-popular roadhouse, with few, if any, casualties. A spilled beer here, a cute guy there, a stolen flash — somewhere.
Braini said that Centennial’s pubs have been overwhelmingly successful this year, in a newshow of support from its students. Record turnouts, good organization, and low prices on cheer have made the pubs a hit, he said, and students keep coming back for more.
“It’s getting better here at Warden Woods,” Soules said. “It peaks at certain events {the response),” Braini said.
Well, Centennial, get ready to peak this Thursday at the second annual Christmas cheer pub at St. Peter and Paul’s Ukrainian Hall at 1490 Markham Road, at Milner.
Nash the Slash plays along with special guest Rumble Seat, Thursday December 15. A D.J. provided by Zack’s will be there to keep things rolling in between sets.
Braini said that the SA has been planning this pub since November, and he’s confident that it will be a success. Put a bunch of beer-drinking college students from Centennial together, and how could ft be otherwise?
The SA is planning to bring the Centennial don’t-drink-and-drive shuttle service back this year, Braini said. Buses leave from the Scarborough Town Centre R.T. station, starting at 6:30 running to the pub and back until the event ends.
CC the colt
Tickets are five dollars in advance from any S.A. rep, and seven at the door. Doors open at 7 p.m. Photo I.D. required.

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