Successful Centennial alumni shows us what he’s got

Successful Centennial alumni shows us what he’s got
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Kyle Surowicz was featured in the magazine Assent has filmed for CTV, in Toronto, New York and Vancouver

By Victoria Gray

Never stop pushing forward. The working world can seem like a line-up, and if you step out the person behind you will take your place.

Kyle Surowicz, 21 graduated from Centennial College’s Broadcasting and Film program in June 2009.

He can’t stop pushing if he wants to get ahead.

“Just keep going, and keep dreaming… Keep your thoughts and your mind alive because it is what keeps you alive,” he said.

The broadcasting industry is tough.

Surowicz discovered that while interning at CP24.

“Guys in there are intense…they pick on you because you’re the intern,” he said.
Centennial College gave Surowicz the technical knowledge he needed to succeed.

He also gained the ability to teach himself while broadcasting.

“A lot of the time I would be alone in the studio or the control room…being able to tech myself my own things is really beneficial,” Surowicz said.

After graduating, Surowicz got on board with The Global Poverty Project.

He filmed for them at Centennial College and in New York.

While in New York Surowicz schmoozed with some famous people associated with the project.
“I partied with Hugh Jackman at his house…he is a really cool guy,” Surowicz said.

While at CTV as a television assistant, he filmed the MMV Awards. He managed to keep his cool when filming Our Lady Peace.

“I thought to myself ‘this is awesome!’…Rain Maida is a really cool guy, he is just too cool for school!” he said.

While attending Centennial College Surowicz and his peers filmed the college’s television show The Journal.

“That show it really took a piece of me,” Surowicz said.

This was an excellent experience for Surowicz. It always kept him going.
It instilled in him the importance of always thinking, creating and producing new material.
It gave him the opportunity to learn many jobs on set.

“With TV its kind of like ok, you know how to do all this stuff. You get to step back, relax, there’s people who are being paid here to do their job.” he said.

While at school one of his professors, Dennis Murphy died.
He was an influential profession for Surowicz.

He always said what he meant, commended and chastised them.

“He was a great, great man…incredibly inspirational,” he said.

Surowicz has learned in college and the workplace never to stop looking for great opportunities.

It is to keep in contact with his colleagues and keep his creative juices flowing.

He will push for what he wants and never give up.

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