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Dan would have written this line, but he left it too late
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Putting off until tomorrow what can be done today is dangerous, particularity for students. It can mean the difference between success and failure.

Procrastination has a devastating effect on the quality of work students do because it forces them to meet a deadline quickly at the expense of doing the work properly. It’s impossible to do a good job if there isn’t enough time to research and gather information.

Journalism students in particular can attest to this, but they are not the only victims of...

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Faculty excited about East York expansion: Move benefits programs
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By Robin McNamara
A recent decision to move the communications department to East York campus is being applauded by the department chairman, dean and program coordinators.
“It’s an absolutely marvelous opportunity to develop a very exciting centre for communication arts and we are certainly going to do that,” Communications Chairman Ron Dodge said in an interview.
“I think the college will be greatly enhanced by the East York location.”
The new location...

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Faces in the crowd: What happened to Vic Murgaski’s Houseboat
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At the end of this semester Instructor Vic Murgaski plans to retire.

While he refused to be inter-viewed for an Oracle feature, Murgaski’s contribution to the college cannot go unrecognized.

The following story is from a 15th anniversary Centinel published in 1980.

The Oracle staff wishes Murgaski good luck and happiness in retirement and we hope this story will bring back a fond memory.

The infamous Houseboat attracted those who liked the pursuit of the unusual, says the project’s patron saint, Victor Murgaski, Centennial College’s Creative Arts instructor.


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Mascot’s victory shows spirit, SA
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By Karen Sampson
CC the Colt’s sweeping mascot victory at Lulu’s college championship Nov. 25 signifies an upswing in college-wide school spirit, said SA president Joe Braini.
He and four other brave SA souls stood up for Centennial at the first annual College Mascot competition, snatching the title from Toronto’s former reigning champs, Sheridan College.
“I think it’s a good kick in the spirit,” Braini said, “it shows some prestige — Centennial is Number One,...

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Futures program instills skills
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By Glenn Fraser

When 43-year-old John Vallentin read a job ad in the Globe and Mail from his spot on a sandy Prince Edward Island beach, he never thought he would be starting a province-wide program to help unemployed youths find work.
The program was the Liberal overnment’s attempt to streamline six Youth Employment Counselling Centres into Drie provincially funded program called Futures. Today Futures is sponsored by 23 Ontario Community Colleges under the Ministry of Skills Development program.


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Art instructor strives to expand horizons
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By Julie Caspersen

An average-looking door on the second floor of Warden Woods campus leads into a world of imagination.

It is the visual arts lab and it is now filled with a school year’s worth of artistic creativity waiting to be displayed at next week’s art show.

Here 25 students are taught by Robin Hobbs, a soft-spoken man who pulls on his full beard with fine-boned fingers as he gazes around his pleasantly messy classroom.
Hobbs says he is mainly concerned with ‘ ‘expanding...

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Governors reject plan to fix tennis club: Dilapidated building not worth the cost
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By Pat O’Gorman
The Centennial Indoor Tennis Club will continue to operate at Warden Woods campus, at least as long as the building it occupies remains standing.
A recent decision by Centennial’s Board of Governors not to make badly needed renovations to the old warehouse at the back of the campus parking lot has tied the fate of the club to the survival of the building.
Although not everyone at the college realizes the club exists, it has been around since 1968, according to its president Joyce McGregor,
She says the club only pays the college $1 a year rent; but covers the cost of heating, maintains the building, loans the facilities...

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UN role critical: Lewis
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Stephen Lewis, Canada’s ambassador to the United Nations, was happy to be “among friends” at Centennial College Thurs. April 14.

Canada should use the upcoming economic summit in Toronto to step up the pressure for “comprehensive” international economic sanctions against South Africa, UN ambassador Stephen Lewis. “Sanctions are the only thing left that might bring South Africa to its senses,” Lewis told an audience of about 300 faculty, students and staff at the Warden Woods...

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Volleyball: Colts snowed under at CCAA’s and Women finish in 6th
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By Peggy Billingsley
For the first time in the history of men’s volleyball at Centennial College the Colt’s team earned a spot in the Canadian championships.
During the three day round-robin tournament in Sherbrooke Quebec, the team placed fifth out of twelve Canadian provincial champion teams.
Despite the respectable performance there was some disappointment because mental errors cost the men points when they needed them most.
“I think we lost some concentration at some crucial points,”...

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Independence is just a phone call away
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By Chandra Yorke

Ferns sit in the corner of the windowless room, nurtured by the fluorescent lights. The walls are Unadorned, their whiteness amplified by the flood of artificial brightness.
A cluttered desk and filing cabinet fill the small room, making it look like any other office. But to develop mentally handicapped people in Scarborough, it’s not just another office, but a place where they can “obtain the help they need to become independent.

The room, located within Centennial College’s...

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