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Centennial College’s Campus Athletics and Recreational Facilities
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By Zenaira Ali

Centennial College students have access to great athletic and fitness facilities, whether they’re located on campus or just around the corner. Along with being able to participate in recreational activities, students can book the gym, work out in the exercise rooms and participate in fitness classes. Check out what your campus facility offers you.

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Dynamic duo represent Colts at OCAA all star game
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By Joshua Spence

The Centennial Colts had two representatives at the recent OCAA all-star game, with guard Justin Jarrett and forward Tristan Stern taking part in the festivities.

As well as playing in the game Jarrett also took part in the three-point shootout, but failed to make it past the preliminary round. He says being able to just take part was a good experience.
“It was fun, I took part in the three-point shootout this...

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Golf Bag Essentials
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By Nicholas Prospero
If you’re thinking of getting out on the links this spring or summer but you’re new to the sport, here’s a quick guide to the most important clubs in your bag:

If you are looking to play, here is where to start your golf journey at a cheap rate.

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To tea or not to tea
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By Matthew Wocks

As the school year begins to wind down and the workload reaches critical mass, the need to squeeze work out of every minute of the day is crucial. But before you reach for your caffeinated beverage, keep in mind that there are alternatives to that sugar infused drink or teeth yellowing cup of java.

I am of course talking about the world’s second favorite beverage next to water; tea.

There are several types of tea from all corners of the world, but the journey begins with a single choice; bagged tea or loose leaf...

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Recipe-Going Green
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By Rebecca Steckham

The time we’re going green! Here’s an amazing recipe for guacamole – this recipe is vegetarian so it’s great for everyone! Nachos are an amazing and easy snack to share with your friends or when you’re hosting your own patio party. Spice it up with this delicious recipe and rock with the guac!

3 avocados – peeled, pitted, and mashed
1 lime, juiced
1 tsp salt
1/2 cup diced onion
3 tbsp chopped fresh cilantro
2 roma (plum) tomatoes, diced
1 tsp minced garlic
1 pinch ground...

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What is Passover?
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By Jody Kamen

Can you pass the Matzah? This Friday April 6th, Jewish families around the world will ask just that, as they gather together for an annual Passover Seder.

A Seder, translating literally to mean ‘order’ is a festive meal that consists of a series of steps spelled out in a narrating book called a “Hagaddah”, which include prayers and a retelling of the story of Exodus in which the Jewish people, known then as “Israelites” were freed from slavery in Egypt. Pharaoh’s submission to Moses’ request to “let my people...

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Caine – Cool, Cockney in “Funeral in Berlin”
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Harry Palmer is back. Michael Caine (Alfie) plays Harry Palmer the cool, clever, Cockney British intelligence agent introduced to moviegoers in The Iperess File. He returns in Funeral in Berlin, now breaking box-office records at the Hollywood North Cinema. Palmer is assigned by his superior to help a Russian intelligence officer (Oscar Homolka) defect to West Berlin.

Agent Palmer is suspicious of the officer’s plans to defect and suspects other motives behind the escape he is ordered to arrange. Knowing of Palmer’s past as a crook, his boss...

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Elliot Lake Trip Journalism Highlight
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By Scott Martin

When journalism students were a big asked to give their impressions of their trip to Elliot Lake, most thought it an invaluable asset to their course.

Each of the trips had basically the same object—to show the operations of a small town newspaper, and to give the students practical experience in writing and inter-viewing. Jim Rushton felt that it not only gave them practical training but helped the students get to know each other better. “It was probably the Social as well as educational highlight of the year.”...

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John L. Haar Sips Coffee And Speaks
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By Bill Rowan

Centennial College is an ambitious project. Its head must have control of the present with an eye constantly to the future. Such a man is John L. Haar.

As he sat in his office sipping coffee, he talked of the college like a father would about his six-month-old son.

He explained that in the month of January the school received about 100 written applications a week and two to three times that in inquiries. “What we have done in effect,” he said, “is open the door to the tiger’s cage.”

“Next year, we will have...

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If you don’t like it leave Ellwood
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by Brian Fielding
One hundred students gathered in the gymnasium last Wednesday to hear Fred Metter, Bus. Admin. and J. P. Ellwood, Bus. Admin. Division Head, deliver speeches concerning student complaints about College facilities and procedures. Fred Metter opened the meeting by reading a six-page report which was submitted to the Administration for analysis on November 1, 1967. The report gave seven main complaints that the representatives of the Bus. Admin. division had against the administration of the school.’ The report called for complete reorganization of registration procedures, higher scholastic standards, and more lavish surroundings in the school....

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