Centennial Colts: Athletes of the Year 2012

Centennial Colts: Athletes of the Year 2012
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By Zenaira Ali
Melissa Kennedy
Centennial Colt Melissa Kennedy was recognized as Athlete of the Year at Centennial College’s annual Athletic Banquet. But she wasn’t expecting the award.
“It was shocking, but it was nice to be recognized as an athlete,” Kennedy said.
Kennedy has been playing soccer since she was a five-year-old.
“I had older brothers so my mom put me into whatever they were in,” she said.
Kennedy remembered a lot of great moments from the past season. She said the first win of the season was her favourite.
“Even though I’m a first-year student, th it was a nice feeling because the older years hadn’t won for a while.”
Kennedy is known for her big saves on the court and more importantly off of it. She is enrolled in Centennial’s Pre-Service Firefighter Education and Training program.
“My family’s into firefighting – my grandpa and my uncle,” Kennedy said. “And my grandpa is a fallen firefighter so I’m in it to hold on to his legacy.”
In her one year at Centennial, Kennedy was able to make a lasting impression.
Ryan Lue
Ryan Lue first played badminton when he was ten because his parents played the sport.
“But I quit my first year because I didn’t like it,” he said.
Things have changed since then. Not only was he team captain of the Colts badminton team this past season, but he was also awarded Athlete of the Year at Centennial College’s Award Banquet
“I was shocked,” Lue said. “I didn’t think I was going to get any awards at the banquet.”
For Lue, the highlight of the season was provincials.
“It was a good tournament for me. I ended up playing against a few of my friends.”
Lue thanked his team for his success and said they were “the whole reason I was there.”
Lue will be graduating from the Child and Youth Worker program this year. He was glad to have made an impression.
“I was happy because it was my last year so it’s good to go out with a bang.”

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