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Centennial Colts: Athletes of the Year 2012
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By Zenaira Ali
Melissa Kennedy
Centennial Colt Melissa Kennedy was recognized as Athlete of the Year at Centennial College’s annual Athletic Banquet. But she wasn’t expecting the award.
“It was shocking, but it was nice to be recognized as an athlete,” Kennedy said.
Kennedy has been playing soccer since she was a five-year-old.
“I had older brothers so my mom put me into whatever they were in,” she said.
Kennedy remembered a lot of great moments from the past season. She said the...

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Colts 2011-2012
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IT Has Our Speed Problem Solved… They Just Forgot to Tell Us
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By Matthew Wocks

A hidden wireless network available to students and staff offers faster speeds and more security, but therein lies the problem; it’s hidden.
When you walk into one of the four campuses with a web enabled device, you may have noticed that it connects to Centennial’s free wireless network.

But know that this unencrypted network is limited in speed and open to all.

Ken Klucha is the manager of I.T infastrucure with Centennial College. Klucha said the free wireless access is available to anyone that...

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Style Commandments: Get Poolside
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Shaping up for summer
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By Jaclyn Dunham

As summer fast approaches a dreaded realization dawns upon most of us around this time: it’s short shorts and bathing suit season. Yikes!

If you are anything like the rest of us, then you probably have packed on a few extra pounds this winter and are thinking it is time to get back on track.

Centennial College’s police foundations trainer, Tim Montgomery, has been getting students into shape at Progress campus for the past four years and shared some insights on the program and how to stay motivated when starting...

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Students become ‘global citizens’
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By Arielle Quigley

With time ticking closer and closer to the last day of school, the priority for most students has been to complete their final assignments and exams. However, a select few have also been preparing for “The Kenya Experience,” a trip that is part of the Global Citizenship and Equity Learning Experience program (GCELE) at Centennial College.

“We are extremely excited. We can’t wait. It’s a little bit stressful that we are leaving literally the day after exams are finished but it’s been really fantastic We’re all...

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How the federal budget affects student life
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Robeson said every students struggles with different financial issues, but the budget failed to address the most common issues involving OSAP, tuition cost, and living expenses.
“In the federal budget, there was no real mentions of any improvements being made to student support,” Robeson said.
“So, ultimately that would be my number one recommendation, that financial aid be the number one priority in the government’s recent budget.”
On March 29, at Queens Park, Andrea Horwath also criticised the budget for not focusing more...

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Rollercoaster student government
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By Scott Barber

The 2011-12 academic year was a rollercoaster ride for the outgoing CCSAI board. The ride peaked early, with the grand opening of the Athletic and Wellness Centre (AWC) at Progress Campus, and hit a low point last week with the health and dental plan referendum debacle.

“It was a good year overall, we got a lot done, but there were a few disappointments as well,” Karan Warraich, CCSAI president, said.

Student governance is a tricky business, particularly at Centennial, where the student body is so diverse. Apathy...

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Referendum turnout shocks CCSAI President
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By Akihko Tse

The students have spoken.

The enhanced health and dental plan referendum failed to pass after 386 students voted for the changes, while 106 voted against, and six ballots were spoiled. This means the current $17.50 per semester health care coverage, which covers 90 per cent of most prescription drugs, will remain.

In order for the plan to have passed, 10 per cent of Centennial College students, or 1,055 must...

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Used games and new consoles
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By Aldis Brennan

Information about the next generation video game consoles is sparse, but one thing that has been reported is that these new machines may not support the free use of pre-owned games.

That means, no more borrowing games from friends or even renting from the video stores for free.

But, that doesn’t mean it won’t be possible to play used games. There will just be a fee.

This clearly will have a detrimental impact on the used-game and rental market. If gamers are forced to spend extra money to activate their...

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