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Time heals the cracks and forges new woman
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By Victoria Gray

“You’re not my daughter anymore.“

Those words hurt so much. I begged her not to leave me.

“But, mom, I’m still the same person!” I yelled.

She didn’t care; she didn’t understand why I couldn’t be with a man, how I could claim to be in love with a girl. She said I had always been weird, but this was just too weird for her to handle. How could she ever tell my grandparents?

How could I do this to her? How could I steal her unborn grandchildren from her?

I was crushed. I had left home...

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Allies act as voices against hate
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By Thamara Alageson

Throughout my life, I have supported LGBTQ people. As the coordinator of LGBTQ Student Initiatives at the college, now more than ever, I am trying to understand my role as an ally.

What does it mean to be an ally? What responsibilities do I have?

As an ally, it is important for me to speak up when I hear unsavoury and discriminatory speech about people who identify as lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender, questioning and queer. I know that sometimes – most of the time – I will be the only voice among many filled with...

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Health: McGuinty Budget Cutbacks Leave Hospitals in Ontario to Bleed out
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By Frreshta Saleh

The McGuinty government in Ontario has increased hospital cutbacks in order to meet the provincial budget. Provincial budget levels are insufficient to meet the hospital rates of inflation, population growth and effects of an aging society.

At least 50 per cent of hospitals are or have been in deficit in 2009 and almost 70 per cent are projected to be in deficit this year.

The government intends on privatizing the health care system, which would create a pricing and billing system. People who do not have the finances would have trouble paying the service fees and additional expenses. With lack of services and hospital closures, patients...

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TIFF CEO ‘handles’ Centennial students
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By Francois Biber

cinema landscape were hot topics last month when the CEO of TIFF reflected on Canadian film in a landscape dominated by Hollywood.

Piers Handling believe his festival can make a difference and draw audiences, offering them something that Hollywood cannot.

“My theory is, we need a great film every two years to alert Hollywood,” Handling said.

The 2003 CEO of the year paid a visit to Centennial College to address issues surrounding the current state...

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When Freedom Returned to Holland
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On Nov. 11, Canadians pause at the 11th hour for Remembrance, as they did originally in 1918. This year, services will honour Canadian war dead and veterans of the First and Second World Wars, the Korean War and UN peacekeeping missions.

Top:Dutch civilians celebrate liberation with Canadian and British troops in the...

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Centennial College students give tips on how to stay warm for less this winter
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By Maryam Musharaf Shah

Winter always brings hydro bills that make you wish you lived in the tropics.

Rising energy costs are hitting homeowners hard, and tenants are also feeling the pressure to monitor their hydro usage.

As a homeowner and full-time student, I barely manage to reign in my out-of-control hydro bills by turning down the heat and wearing a sweater.

I keep the lights off to the extent that I stumble around the house in the dark searching for the door to my bedroom.

The heat can’t be turned down all the way though.


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Is the TTC an essential service?
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By Christina Cheng

Is the TTC an essential service?

Let’s ask mayor-elect Rob Ford if the TTC is an essential service to him, because to many transit riders, Ford is going to have to change his priorities around and focus on the first big test of his leadership: announcing his pledge to make the TTC an essential service for Torontonians.

With negotiations set to begin in February of next year, it is said that between the TTC and the transit workers’ union, commuters could face yet another strike as early as April 1.

Many transit...

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TIFF CEO: films should reflect Toronto’s multicultural nature
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Piers Handling dropped by the CCC to speak with film and broadcast students about the process of selecting films for the well-known festival and about the new expansion TIFF has added, including the year-round movie theatre the TIFF Bell Lightbox.

By Lloyd Quansah

Centennial received a visit from Toronto International Film Festival (TIFF) CEO Piers Handling to discuss topics that surround the famous festival.

Handling spoke to a small crowd of broadcasting and public relations students about the history and growth...

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A story of Dutch liberation this Remembrance Day
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May 9, 1945: Canadian infantrymen celebrate the Dutch liberation with civilians.

By Kristin Annable

Ten years ago, Centennial College’s Remembrance Day consisted of a few moments of silence at 11 a.m. Then Ted Barris joined the faculty and things changed.

The year Barris came to Centennial College, Nov. 11 suddenly got a lot more attention. As an author of many books devoted to telling the stories of war veterans, he has a passion for the men and women who fought for this country. This year’s Remembrance...

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Stressed? Relax with yoga
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No longer just a form of meditation, yoga helps relieve stress and prevent injury. Top: Warrior pose, Bottom: Eagle pose.

The end of Daylight Savings Time means less natural sunlight to keep you energized into the evening. Rhonda Major, a Toronto-based personal trainer and nutrition consultant who owns You Defined, says students can benefit from yoga, especially during this time in the semester when schoolwork starts to pile up.

Major is currently teaching...

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