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Campaign to end violence against women nears 20
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By Sian Davies

Dec. 1 marks the beginning of the White Ribbon Campaign (WRC) at Centennial College. As part of the Corporate Communications and Public Relations program at the CCC, campaign spokesperson, Nic Rodrigue, recently talked to students about the WRC’s mandate to end violence against women. For students like Andrew Miller, Rodrigue provided some shocking information.
“I was really surprised by how widespread this violence is,” he said. “Obviously, it’s a pretty disgusting reality in society, but I didn’t really know how many women are affected by it. The facts that he gave us really opened my eyes.”

The WRC is the largest effort...

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Toasting future success at awards night
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Left: Jeff Pimentel received the Arthur J. Hill II Scholarship from Barbara Hill. Right: Linsay Philippe-Auguste and CCC Dean Nate Horowitz.

By Vanessa Brown

The college presented over 150 scholarships and bursaries last week during evening awards ceremonies on Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday. The CCC’s Student Awards Night was held Thursday night at the Residence and Conference Centre at Progress campus.


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Movember madness sweeps across morningside
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By Alex Kozovski

The month of November symbolizes the leaves falling, the weather freezing, and moustaches growing. Originally starting as an idea in a pub, ‘Movember’ challenges men across Canada to grow a moustache for the entire month. Simply, the rules state to be clean shaven on November 1st, and then let the ‘stache’ grow freely. Growing moustaches this month is more than about bragging rights though.

Movember represents awareness for men’s health issues, with a strong...

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Flu vaccine allergies cause concern for students
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Centennial College, Morningside campus students and faculty take advantage of free flu vaccination shots at a clinic set up on campus for an entire afternoon to vaccinate as many as possible.

By Cole Carruthers

Centennial College student Kyle Larkin stays unprotected from a virus that has already made him severely ill. The third year journalism student found himself to be one of the unlucky recipients of the H1N1 swine flu virus.

H1N1 made the media and population take notice long enough to cause the federal government...

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Veteran editor weighs multiculturalism
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Toronto Star Editor Emeritus Haroon Siddiqui (second from right) spoke to students and faculty about accepting diversity. “He was asked to deliver a message of some hope and advice in terms of how students can contribute to building a society that’s increasingly open and welcoming to everyone,” said School of Transportation Dean Jaimini Randev (right).

By Lloyd Quansah

Part of Centennial’s Global Citizenship and...

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Levelling the Playing Field
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By Jacqueline Delange

College can be an overwhelming experience for anyone. Students are bombarded with tests, submission due dates and documents to be filled out – in triplicate.

Many students are lucky enough to have parents who have been through it all before.

They attended college in Canada and they know how the drill.
But what if your parents have never been to college? Or they’ve never been to a Canadian college? Or if you’re new to Canada and are still getting the hang of things?

Suddenly, succeeding...

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15 minutes to put the ‘ab’ in ‘fabulous’
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Sports Graphic: How to play cricket
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What Will Happen to the Teachers?
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By Aileen Donnelly

As universities and colleges experiment with online learning environments, teachers will remain an important part of the process for the foreseeable future.

Dr. Clare Brett, associate chair of graduate studies in the Department of Curriculum, Teaching and Learning for The Ontario Institute for Studies in Education (OISE) at the University of Toronto, researches online learning and teaching methods.

She said that the idea of an online course that can function independently without a teacher has not proven effective.


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Car modding: make sure it’s done right
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By Octavian Lacatusu

y nature, automotive enthusiasts are an odd bunch. They speak of rotating parts moving at high speed, horsepower, V8s, twin turbos, which, to the general crowd is a bizarre lingo of nonsense.

It is in fact a search for the holy grail of high performance: making one’s vehicle faster, better, more exciting. Some even dedicated their lives to creating automotive perfection, that pure unity of man and machine, such as echoing legends of Enzo Ferrari and Ferruccio Lamborghini.

It was in 2001, however, that new films and vide games created a revolution in the way we see automotive performance.

With the floodgates open to the...

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