Visions of the Future

Visions of the Future
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Centennial’s new Athletic & Wellness Centre is on track to open in 2011. What will it offer students, and what will it do for the school in general? The Courier’s Kris Ali-Trotman investigates.

With the new Athletic and Wellness Centre being integrated into Centennial life, students have a lot to look forward to this spring.

At the Progress Campus, the hope is that the new centre will give students a place to practice physical activities and relax.

The centre is being developed to help students live a more positive and active life. It provides students with advice on health and a fully equipped gym facility.

Penny Kirlik, CEO and executive director for CCSAI, explained some of the reasons for the idea of theAthletic and Wellness Centre.
“The athletic facilities at Progress were in dire need of renewal,” Kirlik said.

Kirlik gave a rundown as to what the centre offered to students who are attending the progress campus upon its completion.

“The centre is going to offer students a triple gymnasium, spa treatment area and a 10, 000 square foot fitness centre,” she said.

“The spa treatment area will offer students a facility where they can just relax and get treated to things like manicures and pedicures.”

The varsity teams are finally going to have a home base when the installation is completed. Kirlik said that the athletics program should improve once construction is finished.

“It will offer a regulation sized gym for basketball, volleyball, badminton and indoor soccer teams.”

According to Kirlik, the enrollment rate for Centennial could be likely to increase after the Athletic and Wellness Centre is up and running.

After the installation of Centennial’s first athletic and wellness centre is completed, there could be new facilities going up at other campuses as well.

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