College equipment renewed thanks to Ontario grant

College equipment renewed thanks to Ontario grant
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By Geoffrey Mosher

The Ontario government announces the release of $10 million in funding to help upgrade equipment and technology at Ontario colleges.

The announcement comes as part of the third installment of the three-year, $60 million College Equipment and Renewal Fund (CERF).

The funding is to assist colleges in purchasing a variety of equipment and materials to ensure students graduate with the knowledge and skills they need to be successful.

The CERF was established in 2002-03 to help colleges modernize and purchase new equipment.
The funding will help to train skilled workers, allowing students to graduate with the up-to-date skills that will keep them competitive in the job market, creating new opportunities for jobs and growth.

Centennial College CFO Brad Chapman explains that the funding is allocated to colleges based on enrollment.

Centennial College’s current funding allocation will be approximately $560,000 this year.
There has been no announcement as to where Centennial’s share of the funding will be spent and no announcement has been made for future funding allocations.

The province believes the funds can be used in a variety of areas.

Colleges can purchase computers for classroom use, software for teaching purposes, books or electronic materials for libraries, specialized equipment or machinery for use in labs and classrooms. They can also purchase tools for trades such as plumbing or electrical, materials to support additional classroom space or new programs, and equipment to help accommodate students with disabilities.

The provincial government believes this will give Ontario a competitive edge in the job market and create a strong economy based on technology.

“Students who learn using leading edge equipment have the experience necessary to meet the real need of employers,” says Dalton McGuinty.

“Helping colleges buy equipment used in the working world is part of our Open Ontario Plan to strengthen the economy by investing in the skills and knowledge of Ontarians.”

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