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‘Courage. Strength. Passion. Commitment.’
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Centennial College president and CEO Ann Buller was recently honoured with the Cisco Public Leaders Award, part of Canada’s Most Powerful Women: Top 100 Awards.
By Michael Gibbons
The awards ceremony, which took place on Nov. 29, celebrated women who have had great achievements in the private, public and not-for-profit sectors.
The gala was organized by the Women’s Executive Network, and took place at the Allstream Centre in Toronto.
The Courier caught up with Buller to get her thoughts on receiving the...

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College equipment renewed thanks to Ontario grant
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By Geoffrey Mosher

The Ontario government announces the release of $10 million in funding to help upgrade equipment and technology at Ontario colleges.

The announcement comes as part of the third installment of the three-year, $60 million College Equipment and Renewal Fund (CERF).

The funding is to assist colleges in purchasing a variety of equipment and materials to ensure students graduate with the knowledge and skills they need to be successful.

The CERF was established in 2002-03 to help colleges modernize and purchase new equipment.
The funding will help to train skilled workers, allowing students to graduate with the up-to-date skills...

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Behind the Masc
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DEFINING MASCULINITY: Carlos Andres Gomez, a New York-based spoken-word artist, delivers worlds of wisdom regarding a man’s responsibilities in today’s world.

By Lloyd Quansah Photos by Leslie Marciniak

Carlos Andres Gomez, an actor, playwright and poet, visited the Ashtonbee campus for the White Ribbon Campaign.

He was asked to perform a few poetry readings, discuss masculinity and discuss how to improve personal relationships.

Gomez used poetry to emphasize his point. He started the presentation with...

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Student Message is Clear: Stop the Violence
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By Kristin Annable

This year at the Centre for Creative Communications, student volunteers, along with organizer Barry Waite, gave out white ribbons and offered students and faculty the opportunity to sign a banner expressing how they feel about the issue...

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The middle of the road with mixed-mode
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Part IV in an exclusive five-part series regarding the future of education. Don’t miss next issue for the final installment

Nowadays, students can have their presence felt in class without leaving the comfort of their own home.

As colleges and universities continue to experiment with online education, some students remain apprehensive about the learning experience. This has created demand for a hybrid classroom that lets students choose how they learn.

Mixed-mode classrooms combine the best of an online and face-to-face...

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Visions of the Future
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Centennial’s new Athletic & Wellness Centre is on track to open in 2011. What will it offer students, and what will it do for the school in general? The Courier’s Kris Ali-Trotman investigates.

With the new Athletic and Wellness Centre being integrated into Centennial life, students have a lot to look forward to this spring.

At the Progress Campus, the hope is that the new centre will give students a place to practice physical activities and relax.

The centre is being developed to help students live a more positive and active...

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Finding Light in the Darkness
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Left: The fence where Matthew Shepard’s body was found now hangs heavy with the flowers of mourners. Right: Mathew Shepard – His death created the “Mathew Shepard Act” in the United States that outlined strict Hate Crime legislation.

By Laura Grande

It began the day I first heard the name Matthew Shepard. It was 2001. I was still a high school student back then. One of my favourite television...

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Winter driving doesn’t have to be scary
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Specialty mechanic Fatih Tinaz removing the brake caliper to change disc brakes. Well-maintained brakes are crucial to safe winter driving

By Octavian Lacatusu

During the summer months, vehicles are punished with high humidity and heat, as they are tasked to keep us cool and comfortable. But it’s during the winter months however when the strain on the vehicle becomes monumental. Fluids freeze. Tires wear out. Rusty steel breaks apart like cheese. We’ve all heard this lullaby. Yes, once again time for winter maintenance.


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Sustainable Living Changes its Colour From Green to Blue
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By Courtney Kraik

Exercising my dogs along the Cherry Beach boardwalk is a city activity I cherish. No, this is not the beginning of a “Boyfriend Wanted” add, just a shout-out to my love of water and how even the colour blue can be part of living green.

For thousands of years people have congregated around bodies of water. Oceans, lakes, rivers and streams have been a constant source of travel and sustenance to the human race. It also offers a much-needed spiritual connection to the source of all life. So why do we abuse and neglect...

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Singh Uses His Song for Positive Social Change
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By Laura Grande

As a longtime musician, Chet Singh still has stage fright.

“I think performing is somewhat terrifying,” he said. “For me, the greatest high is creating the piece. The reason I’m doing this is for the message I want to share.”

Despite his shy nature, Singh’s music and poetry is an extension of his activist nature.

“You are very vulnerable (on stage),” he said. “You are sharing something from deep within yourself. You are exposing yourself.”


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