Elections In the Air

Elections In the Air
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Presidential Candidates
Richard Benn

Dear Students
As your next representative, I Richard Benn (rich4pres@hotmail.com) asks you to consider me for your next President of the CCSAI. I have been representing your needs for the past year as the Representative for the School of Engineering. During my time on the board I have learned a great deal about your needs and the CCSAI’s ability to meet your needs. It is my opinion that as your President I will expand this ability to cover all our needs.

My first goal is to create more money for the students. This will take the form of scholarships and bursaries. My proposed idea is to convert excess CCSAI funds (travel budget) directly into scholarships and draws. This will give equal opportunity to all students.

Secondly, multiculturalism must be further embraced. This school provides a comfortable atmosphere that makes all students feel welcome and valued. This positive reinforcement empowers the students to achieve their goals with comfort and ease. As an individual, I appreciate this and believe that it is one of Centennials major assets.

Thirdly, it all comes down to the students. Viewed in a business model fashion, you the students are entitled to all the rights, privileges, and respect that a trusting customer would receive at a well respected business. Your tuition pays for all the services you currently enjoy and services you plan to request. Remember that the power is with us. My role as the president would be to assist you in being heard, and have your needs and demands met.

Finally as a student, I am concerned about the school reputation. It is my final goal to make Centennial College become the college of choice amongst all employers therefore insuring that we will all have the future that we are working towards.

With a spirit to conquer all challenges, whether great or small, outside hurdles perceived as limitations by others only spark my ambitions more, giving me a greater reason to fight a battle that I must and will win for the students that I represent at Centennial College.

Anthony Fletcher

Hello to the students of Centennial College.

My name is Anthony Fletcher. I am currently enrolled in the Aircraft Maintenance program at Ashtonbee Campus. I was born in Ottawa 24 years ago and was raised in Pickering ON. I attended Pine Ridge S.S. before joining the work force. I came to Centennial College in the fall of 2000. I joined the CCSAI in January 2001 as a School of Transportation Representative and became the Ashtonbee Campus Director in May of the same year. Over the last year I have been a member of the CCSAI senior management team (Policy and Governance, Finance and Programming) and I have also been an active member of College Council. I enjoy playing Golf and spending time with friends.

I am running for CCSAI President because I care about the students and I care about the college. Over the last year the CCSAI has worked very hard to build strong lines of communication with the college administration, support staff and faculty. I fear that without strong leadership and a firm grasp of the issues facing the college in the next few years those strong lines will be severed. I also feel that every student, no matter what campus they attend, deserve to be treated equally and fairly and every student deserve to have their voice heard and concerns addressed.

As President I hope to unite the students of Centennial into one family, the CCSAI family. I will make the CCSAI board more accountable for their actions by rework-ing their job descriptions and pay structure. I will continue to build on the strong lines of communication with the College and I will do everything within my power to use those strong lines to improve student life and create a better learning environment for all students. I will also work to improve the student health plan and the current services provided by the CCSAI. Also, through the CSA (College Student Alliance, formerly OCCSPA) I will work on lobbying the Provincial Government to improve the funding allocation for Centennial colleges.
The students of Centennial College deserve a strong leader and someone dedicated to the association. Someone who understands the issues faced by college students and is willing to speak out on their behalf. Over the last year I have devoted my time to studying the issues and gaining the knowledge necessary to be the President of the CCSAI. I care for every student and want to be your voice to the college. A vote for me is a vote for a strong future and a guarantee your voice will be heard.

Progress Campus Director
Tre Henry

Tre Henry says he’s ready to taking on a new challenge by running for campus director at Progress. Currently an operations if management student at the same campus, Henry said that if elected not only would he organize events, he would try to interact m with the student body in order to truly find out what they would like to see happen in their school, “I’m doing this because it’s something I’m interested in,” m Henry said. “It’s a career path for me. I’d like some experience in this [management] field.”Henry is looking optimistically at being elected as an opportunity to gain a sense of what future

responsibilities might hold. He says he’s willing to put in his time and dedication to whatever demands the role of being a campus director might require. Henry stresses his main goal if awarded the position: to listen to student concerns and to offer counsel whenever possible. He wants to help run the school and find out from students what needs to be improved and what they really like and dislike.
“You have to be close with the students and make up better ideas. The main goal for me is to listen to the students,” he said.
Henry says that he has numerous ideas that he would like to present to the school to make it a more exciting place. He says he’s striving to work hard at Progress, both in school and on his campaign, all the while trying meet new people so he can become better orientated and acquainted with students* demands.

Henry said that overall, he just wants to contribute to his college in any way he can.

“This is something that I’m more interested in than anyone [else] running this year. As a matter of fact, I don’t even have to get paid,” he said.

Mike Niece

As the present-day campus director at Progress, Mike Niece enters the coming election as the incumbent. Even still, he’s well aware of the competition he faces for his current position.

Niece is a first year computer programming analyst student and was appointed Campus Director of Progress last December. He says he’s beginning to ease into his role.

“I’m getting the hang of things,” Niece said. “I’m getting the ball rolling. I have experience and I know what I’m doing.”
Even as a newcomer on the Centennial College Student Association, Niece says he’s acquired a taste for his job. He’s already organized Stomach Appreciation days and helped out with college pub nights. He’s even tried to incorporate some musical culture into Centennial by organizing theatre trips to shows such as Mamma Mia, the Lion King and Cats. As Campus Director, Niece said he puts in a lot of time and dedication to his job. Even though he said he’s got a hectic schedule with both his regular classes and his responsibilities as campus director, he said he’s gratified and loves every aspect of his job. Last February, he was awarded Board Member of the Month for the student association.

“Campus directors are supposed to put in 15 hours a week, but I’m there at least 30 hours. I’m constantly busy,” he said.
Niece was only appointed in December, technically denying him a chance to serve a full term in office. Consequently, he’s eager to win so he can look forward to sitting in the position completely next year.

‘The experience I’ve received during my time as a campus director has been phenomenal,” he said. “If elected I will use the experience I already have to make next year an even better year for Progress students. Being a campus director is a lot of hard work. It takes dedication, time, and lots of organization in order to be successful; all of which makes me the right candidate for the job.”

Warden Woods Campus Director
Jay Anderson

Twenty-nine-year-old Jay Anderson is enrolled in his first of four years in the Nursing Degree program at Warden Woods campus. He has been a member of the Centennial College Student Association Inc. (CCSAI) since October of 2001, acting as representative for the School of Health Sciences. Anderson’s motivation to run for election as Campus Director is evident: he doesn’t like mistakes.

“Warden Woods’ last Campus Director did a pretty good job, but there was also a lot of room for improvement,” he noted. “I wasn’t happy with the couple of the glaring mistakes made and I want to make sure that the same mistakes aren’t made again next year.”

The extroverted and active Libra, Anderson has been keeping himself busy throughout his involvement with the CCSAI. He recently initiated a petition asking for the signatures of students who were tired of waiting long lines for the library’s only two photocopiers.
“I already have the support of staff in the LRC (Learning Resource Centre) and if elected, I will make sure the college addresses the students’ need for at least one additional, and more reliable copier,” Anderson promised.
His hobbies include anything to do with cars, from fixing them to driving them. Described by friends as “that loud, comical guy,” Anderson hopes students will remember him as such come election day. He feels he should be elected because of his maturity to make wise decisions for the campus, yet his immaturity to have tons of fun.

“I don’t need to be famous; I just want to help people to enjoy themselves more while they’re here,” Anderson said.

Jerome Johnson

Twenty-year-old Jerome Johnson has been the applied arts director at Warden Woods campus since the byelection held in October of 2001. His current duties include taking in any concerns or complaints students may have with the Applied Arts courses and presenting them to the Centennial College Student Association Inc. This year, however, Johnson has his sights set upon being elected campus director.

“It doesn’t so much mean running the campus,” he explained, “but it means ensuring that each and every student and member of the CCSAI enjoys their time and that all questions and concerns can be resolved fairly”

Johnson says his aspiration is not for his own personal gain, but rather for the benefit of Centennial students. As campus director, he will have key input in decision-making in the school such as board meetings, school issues, and fee increases.

“You have a first-hand opportunity to express the views of the students to Council,” he said.

When he’s not busy studying for his Early Childhood Education program, Johnson likes to play basketball and football. He even volunteers once in a while for the soccer league, which kicks off its season at the end of April.

Johnson’s had a few memorable days at Centennial College – especially his first day on campus.

He got lost amidst the large Warden Woods complex, but finally found himself seated in a classroom. He didn’t realize it was the wrong program until after class was finished.

“The information seemed relevant,” Johnson confessed. “The teacher even added my name to the attendance.”

Johnson said that if elected as campus director he would dispel the individualistic nature of each college campus in the hope that others take notice that the organization as a whole is responsible for creating a multicultural and warm atmosphere at Centennial.

The two words that Johnson say best describe him; always there. Just because he’s not in the office, he said students shouldn’t feel intimidated and are encouraged to ask questions.

“The last couple of months have been very enjoyable and I hope to continue my services with the student association,” he said.

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