After more than a decade, Student Centre opens

After more than a decade, Student Centre opens
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Although the new Student Centre at Progress Campus has been open for over a month, the official grand opening was held on Thursday, November 30.

To celebrate, formal speeches were given along with free food accompanied by music and mingling of past presidents of the CCSAI (Centennial College Student Association Inc.) and other people who contributed to the Student Centre in the past and present. The Centre, which contains computer labs, a conven-ience store, CCSAI offices and a bar, covers 34,000 square feet and was funded entirely by Centennial students by paying an extra $17.50 levy on their student fees.

“All the responsibility for what has taken place here belongs to the students,” said President of Centennial College Richard Johnston to about 100 people in a speech he made at the event.
“It’s a great statement about the quality of leadership in student government,” he said. “(CCSAI) avoided the temptation to build a box around a pub.”

“(The Student Centre) is open 24-7,” said Penny Kirlik, Executive Director of the CCSAI. This, she said, is something they were committed to accomplishing since planning for the Centre began.

Minister of Training, Colleges and Universities Dianne Cunningham attended the event and also gave a speech. She commended the past presidents of the CCSAI for the effort put into making the Student Centre happen.

“This is a place where stutogether, and learn from eachother,” Cunningham went on to say. She predicted that the Centre will be the student life of the campus.

Ed Wiggers, who was president of the CCSAI in 1994-95, was pleased with the outcome.

“Everything is up to date,” Wiggers said of the technology. “The computers are advanced than mine at home,” said Wiggers, who now owns his own wireless communications business. Penny Kirlik gave him credit for pushing the technology aspect of the Centre.

“It’s been a long time coming,” said Brad Beamish, current president of the CCSAI. “A lot of students have applied, attend-classes and graduated from Centennial knowing they would never benefit personally from its construction.”

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