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Volleyball star looking forward to next season
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– Courier Staff

Nineteen year-old Bena Klimaszewska sits slouched in a tiger striped easy chair in back of Pam’s Cafe on Queen St. in the Beaches area. She is comfortable, in familiar surroundings, yet there is a slight edginess about her. Almost as if she is missing something. She plays with her ring on her finger and continually strikes her short blonde hair. Klimaszewska is longing for her lost love; volleyball.

Klimaszewska, a Centennial Colts girls...

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Ways of the Road
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Chris Doucette, like all of us, has his story of how we got to where we are now. He tells his for us here through the third person and through the first person.

Courier Staff

After spending three years in the Canadian Armed Forces, Chris Doucette found himself with little or no transferable skills as he returned to an almost forgotten life as a civilian.

After dropping out of high school at 17, Doucette served three years in the infantry with the Royal Canadian Regiment (RCR). While...

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Not Guilty
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After two years of being tied up in the court system, Centennial College may have jumped the gun on Kefeli.


Courier Staff

Omar Kefeli, former part-time teacher at Centennial college was acquitted yesterday of trying to sell good grades to students.

The court case, which is two years old, began when students in Tool and Die Making program at Progress campus accused Kefeli of offering them high grades in their math...

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