A Non-Stop Mad Whirlwind Of Hippy Swinging Models

A Non-Stop Mad Whirlwind Of Hippy Swinging Models
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Fiona Thompson

A swinging London dolly made a very successful arrival on the Toronto fashion scene last week. Pat McDonagh christened the opening of “The Establishment” last Tuesday with a champagne breakfast and a preview of her Spring Collection for the press, radio and T.V. The fashion show was a non-stop, mad whirlwind of “hippy” models frugging across the stage in the newest London fashions just cleared through customs hours before. The mini trouser suit in boldly striped wool flannel by Veronica Marsh was a winner all the way. Following her 1966 New York debut, this young designer has since won the European Printing Award. Wild Brazilian prints marched forth in fully water-proof Paper raincoats made possible by poly-vinylized paper. Tested in where else but rainy London town, these coats, also by Veronica Marsh, are guaranteed to last at least 32 wearings in the heaviest fall. “Spotty Dotties” were the main highlight of the snappy “Ginger Group” wild things by Mary Quant Breton dresses with impertinent white polka dots on a deceptively demure navy background. Crisp ‘white collars and the new line of Mary Quant cosmetics worn by the young dollies topped it all off. And for the girl whose one desire is to be like the redoubtable Mrs. Emma Peel Of T.V.’s “The Avengers,” came the poly-vinyl 007 coats and jump suits, “Knack” style trouser suits in leather vinyls, and “Fake Snake” coats, all from Paul Blanche. From the same designer came “Dolly Daydreams,” shiny blue, yellow and black vinyl suits and full length evening coats of the palest mauve vinyl, as worn by Julie Cristie in “Fahrenheit 451.” Created for the film “Blownup,” sheer, fluorescent stockings accompanied each outfit worn by the young Toronto models. From Angela at London Town came nylon jersey dresses in cassata ice cream colours. These pastel striped “Pack Aways” can be tucked into an envelope and never gain a wrinkle. Winner of the 1967 London Look Award, this same designer offered mini dress and coat ensembles in heavy ribbed Ottoman cottons. The only exception to the London originated designs was the selec-tion of swimsuits, bikinis, and beach wear from Israel. Either long swinging hair styles with eyebrow sweeping fringes by Max, or short, curly “Shirley Temple” wigs were the order of the day.

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