New College Now has a New Newspaper

New College Now has a New Newspaper
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After two “underground” newspapers have published, and with a third one pending, the official Centennial College newspaper, THE ARSENAL, has finally become a reality.

The ARSENAL came into existence to fulfill several needs in the College. As an organ of the journalism department, the paper will serve the vital function of giving journalism students the opportunity for practical experience under the actual working conditions of a city newspaper.

Before the ARSENAL was conceived, students’ reporting and writing lab classes consisted mainly of learning the techniques of newspaper journalism. Often the students were given the facts of a hypothetical situation and told to write a news story, editorial or feature. The story was later marked by the instructors on the basis of form, accuracy, readability and style. Because of practicality and ease of confronting the students with a great variety of situations, this form of assignment will continue as the backbone of the course.

With the opportunity of contributing to the ARSENAL, the scope of the journalism students will be tremendously expanded. With Arsenal assignments from student editors, they are able to track down stories in the school and the Scarborough area under the actual conditions that any working newsman experiences. They will be responsible for gathering all their information from what may be a multitude of news sources. It is then compiled into a story suitable for print big in the paper.

Journalism students are encouraged to contribute stories on topics that interest them. Currently they write on a rotating plan enabling them to work in all the major departments found in city newspapers.

It is hoped that by working on the Arsenal, each journalism student will be able to collect his own clippings. A personal press book can be as valuable as a diploma when seeking employment in the journalism field.

Information on activities of the students, the government, the administration and the board of education, and anything that concerns those in the college will be made available through the Arsenal. It is hoped, too, that when the paper becomes more widely circulated it will make the public more aware of Centennial’s activities, achievements and possibilities.

A student paper has been in demand almost since the beginning of classes in October, but could not truly be conceived until all the journalism students had received their foundation training. However, credit should be extended to the two “underground” newspapers for making a genuine effort to fill the need for communication in the College. With very little support, their editors and writers spent a great deal of time trying to keep the student body informed.

A budget of $1,075, for the Arsenal, was approved by the ad-ministration last month. At first a weekly newspaper was planned, but because of high costs, it is possible to publish only every second week. It is expected that at the start of the ’67 term, the paper will become larger in size and appear weekly.

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